We offer finest orthodox tea drawn from East India tea gardens. Handpicked and processed under strict quality control.
This tea has the antioxidants property which is beneficial to the health. This can be supplied in Packages of 200gms, 400gms and 1000gms.The tea standards are in conformity with of F.S.S.A.I. ( Food& Safety standard Authority of India).

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C.T.C Tea

Finest C.T.C Crush Tear and Curled drawn from East India tea gardens handpicked and processed exclusively from freah bushed young leaves and tender stems from the plant. It is well packed in new original consumer packing of 500gms and 1000gms packs. This has a pleasant aroma with antioxidants properties. This tea is conforming to the standards of FSSAI.

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Tea Bags

Tea Box of 100 Tea bags each of 2gms handpicked and packed in rectangular tea bags. The quality of tea bags is that of double chamber with finest and whitest colour tea bags.This tea conforms to FSSAI standards.

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